Strategic Profile


"Leading Incubation Centres in The Northern Cape"

Vision "Leading Incubation Centres in The Northern Cape"

To Be True To Ourselves & Purpose, Our Mission Is: "To Be Leaders In Incubation By:


  • Facilitating the establishment of other incubation centres
  • Growing into a centre that SMEs taking up all the space
  • Assisting SMMEs with funding
  • Providing free business plans
  • Accelerated job creation
  • Contributing towards the growth of SMMEs into big business
  • To have a legally recognized mandate
  • A committed board of trustees.

Slogan "SMME Development Through Incubation & Collaboration"


The Northern Cape SMME Trust is anchored in the following values:

Teamwork: We recognize our interdependence in uplifting our community and will work as a cohesive team, forging appropriate partnerships to meet our collective goals.

Customer Excellence:
We endeavor to excel in our service to all our stakeholders, expecting to deliver a high degree of quality.

Quality Service: Everything we do will be to the best quality, we will put in place all systems aimed ensuring that this happens.

Social Responsibility: We are never satisfied until our communities; both our clients and our neighbours are in a better position.

Integrity: Our organization will be viewed by those, both within and without, as honest and upstanding.

Transparency: We will communicate realness in our dealings with colleagues and clients at all times.

Accountability: We will be accountable for all our actions, good or bad and deal with the consequences thereof.

Consultation: We will continuously consult our stakeholders and ensure that we seek consensus on what we do.

Excellence: We are never satisfied with yesterday’s way of doing things and are always looking for new ways to do our work better, faster, smarter and we do it best always.