Advice on Entrepreneurship for Starting and Growing a Business
  1. With Hundreds Of Franchise Options Out There, Choose The One You Can Trust
    If you’re looking to invest in a business venture that offers you years of experience in the industry, the trust and loyalty of its customers, and franchise support from an expert team – then Hi-Q is the one for you.
  2. Get The Edge This Winter
    Five short courses from WITS kicking off in July will give you the competitive edge.
  3. The Importance of Outsourcing Your Payroll
    One of an organisation's biggest overheads is that of salaries and wages. And yet, if these are not processed on time, it can negatively impact staff morale and create the impression that the company is not financially stable.
  4. Thinking of Immigrating to America from SA? Now Is The Time
    More South Africans are looking to get their Green Cards with the EB-5 visa. Here's why – and how you can use this opportunity too.
  5. Your Skill Set Could Be Limiting You As A Business Manager
    Without a cross-functional skill set, business managers will stick to what they know and neglect what lies beyond their scope.
  6. 3 Stealthy Tax Hikes Payroll Managers And Employees Need To Take Note Of
    By Rob Cooper, tax expert at Sage, and chairman of the Payroll Authors Group of South Africa
  7. SMEs: Staying On The Right Side Of The Taxman
    Remaining SARS compliant can be a constant challenge for small- to medium-enterprises (SMEs), especially when they are trying to focus on growing their businesses and streamlining their operations.
  8. 4 Dangers Of Business Under-insurance
    A common short-term insurance peril that many SMEs face when submitting a claim following an insured event is the risk of being underinsured.
  9. Inspiring A New Generation Of Learning – Education As A Basic Human Right
    Access to education isn’t a privilege, it’s a basic human right - Mzwandile inspires a new generation of learners.
  10. How SMEs Can Stand Out From The Crowd
    A recently released SME Landscape Report: An Assessment of South Africa's SME Landscape: Challenges, Opportunities, Risks & Next Steps' 2018/2019, revealed that 40 percent of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) find that the industry that they operate in is extremely competitive. It also states that considering the low growth environment, this is likely to continue further into the future.