Advice on Entrepreneurship for Starting and Growing a Business
  1. Top Sectors For SMEs In 2019
    “As such, SMEs in the construction, communications and electrical fields are all likely to benefit from supply and sub-contracting agreements over the coming years.”
  2. The Facebook Ads Strategy That Can’t Lose
    It's a numbers game.
  3. How To Get Ready To Sell Your Business – Advice From Marnus Broodryk
    If you’re thinking about selling your business, there are some critical steps you need to make first.
  4. Herman Mashaba To Talk On City Of Jo’burg Job Creation Initiative
    Herman Mashaba to talk on City of Jo’burg job creation initiative at 2019 Business Day TV SME Summit.
  5. What’s Your Number? How To Unpack Company Valuations
    Business is booming. Investors want in. But how do you put a price on the value of the company you have built with your own hands?
  6. Key Tips To Retain Customer And Improve Sales In Ecommerce Sites
    If the ideas you are selling are fresh, innovative or even intuitive, you might gain customers, but retaining them actually determines the exact ROIs you can gain from your venture.
  7. 3 Keys To A Vision Others Can Own
    Trying to get others to buy into a vision that is all about you getting more money is not going to excite people.
  8. How A Serious Car Accident Led Founder Relebohile Moeng To Starting Afri-Berry
    The idea of controlling her own destiny and leaving a lasting legacy for her children became a compelling force that gave her boldness and determination to enter an industry she knew nothing about. A year later, Afri-Berry was born. This is her story.
  9. Why Small Teams Get It Done Better, Faster And Under Budget
    How is a project delivered four months ahead of schedule and R2 million under budget? Because small teams deliver work within significantly shorter time frames and with smaller budgets. Here’s how.
  10. LFP Training – The ‘Agents’ Of Transformation
    Implemented correctly, BEE has the potential to change the current status of South Africa’s economy. Add to that LFP Group’s focus on helping corporates to boost employee skills and engagement and upskill disadvantaged people across the country, and Louis Pulzone is aiming to make a real difference.